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The village Rabbi, hearing that Messiah was resting in a farm house on the edge of town,  resolved to bring unto Him free will offerings of the finest gold and linen. The Rabbi, however, possessed neither gold nor linen. Naturally, he would not steal it, but rather following the example of the Children of the… Read more »

The ART of the Heist

Four time Academy Award winning producer Stuart Benjamin (Ray) has teamed with fellow award winning producer Howard Lapides to acquire comprehensive rights to the forthcoming non-fiction thriller trilogy American Panther (Stealing Manhattan)  by Edgar Award winning author Burl Barer and Paul “Punch” Stanimirovic, son of gem heist mastermind “Mr. Stan.” Mr. Stan: never captured, never… Read more »

“Days Outside Time”

I’m feeling quite happy,I’m feeling quite fine.It’s Ayyam-i-Ha, The days outside time! Days outside time?That makes no sense at all!You mean no watch on your wrist?No clock on the wall?How can you have days outside timeThat makes no sense, no reason, no rhyme. Days outside time are quite a relief.No time for sadness, worry or grief!… Read more »


I’m sitting on the greatest unknown true crime story of my lifetime. This is every non-fiction author’s dream come true: an exclusive on the greatest mega-heist in history — over one billion dollars in diamonds, gold and precious gems — and you never heard of it because (a) almost everyone was in on it, and… Read more »

Who is a Drug Addict?

This is a true story. A young man and a young woman, both perhaps mid to late 20’s, huddled against the wind, were having an argument about addiction that began when the young man said: “I need a crack hit,” “No, you don’t,” the woman countered. “You want a crack hit.” “No, I’m a crack… Read more »

Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin’s Success Secret.

In five and a half years, the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin has become Leonard Lee Buschel’s most successful venture, and that’s a significant accomplishment when viewing Buschel’s track record of non-stop success in the past decade. A California Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with years of experience with people struggling with addiction, Buschel co-founded the prestigious Writers in… Read more »


  DEATH THREATS HAUNT TRUE CRIME AUTHORS. More death threats. I get them every so often, but I don’t take them too seriously. Mostly I get them from corrupt law enforcement employees who think I am going to expose their corruption. I don’t do that. That’s not my job.  I would rather expose the valor dedication… Read more »

LIES LIES LIES and Stupidity

I am continually amazed by people who intenionally lie to hurt other people, or to prove a point.  I am also amazed by people who lie about everything all the time.  I guess it is some mental problem where they actually are not capable of telling the truth.   Then we have politicians who lie repeatedly,… Read more »

There is nothing peachy at 6360 Peach

The following Op-Ed feature is by award-winning investigative journalist Burl Barer.  Mr. Barer has been pro-active in the support of effective prevention and treatment of alcoholism and addiction since 1973 when he served on the Seattle Mayor’s Task Force on Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention. Often outspoken and admittedly opinionated, the views expressed are his… Read more »

America would be great if it were America

We all know the image of America we had in our minds when we were kids — land of the free, home of the brave, with liberty and justice for all. I recall my introduction to reality: real estate covenants that blocked Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Jews from buying homes, golf courses and hotels that… Read more »