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Suzy Spencer first came to my attention about seven years ago, and I was immediately impressed by the dynamic forward motion of her narratives coupled with her ability to set the scene of events without belaboring every physical nuance from outdoor environment to details of window shades — she knows how to capture your attention,… Read more »

The Secret of Happiness; The Secret of Success

The Secret of Happiness is no big secret. It is simply this: Live your life in harmony with what you believe.  If you don’t, you are living a life of perpetual internal conflict. We all understand that disharmony and conflict in the world bring us to the Eve of Destruction. My dearly departed pal, PF… Read more »

Dazed and Confused — Headlock, Obama and Sewer Rats

DAZED AND CONFUSED:  I don’t get it, and neither does         any author/publisher.  Some books, despite rave reviews           and lovely covers, just…well… lie there, underappreciated,         with pages still stuck together as if they were German Go0-       Girls after a 12-hour… Read more »

You can change fiction, rewrite reality.

Memory is a tricky thing. There are things I don’t remember, and there are things I can never forget.   I wrote a short story last year that I called,”The Girl I Don’t Remember”  It is a fictionalized version of a true memory of mine from late 1960’s or early 70’s — I don’t really… Read more »

The Literati love me in Pakistan.

“Inspiration inspires inspiration.” My dear friend Allen Goldblatt penned that line on behalf of Mike Curb who, supposedly,wrote liner notes for “Music from 2001: A Space Odyssey Vol 2.”  This was inspired by inspirational music heard on the original film soundtrack  Well, of course. If vol 2 didn’t exist, it would prove that the first LP was not… Read more »


No one pays any attention to facts. People believe whatever crap is fed them in the newspaper and on TV…and the sad thing is that Newspapers and TV used to believe that honesty was a good idea. Not anymore. And no matter how many books are written about “Moral Panic,” no matter how many research… Read more »


  I alway wanted to be the hero of a private eye novel, and it was obvious that the only way that could happen is if I wrote a PI novel, and made myself the hero.  This novel was great fun to write, and people seem to get quite a kick out of it. It… Read more »

Seatac Media’s live stream goes dead and I’m pissed off. is the ultimate excellent repository of Seattle-Tacoma media lore, information, airchecks AND, up until now, a 24 hr Internet radio station playing great oldies PLUS excellent new shows including my very own True Crime Uncensored’s Greatest Hits. Despite the educational and historic value of’s streaming “radio station” it has been forced to go… Read more »