Charles Manson — Just Another Old Man Behind Bars?

Manson1 When we think of Charles Manson, the picture of him with his wild eyes is the image most often called to mind. That was, however, not only several years ago, it was several decades ago. Manson is still a paranoid schizophrenic who receives no mental health medication or treatment in prison, and has spent most of his years in solitary confinement, which doesn't bother him — he's used to it.

Today, Charles Manson looks like this: 

Charlie crop

Marlin Marynick, a nice chap from Regina (that's in Canada),  somehow captured Charlie's attention.and not in a bad way. The result: a new book CHARLES MANSON NOW.  The book is excellent, and Marlin was a fun guest on the radio show I do with Don Woldman. You can hear the show by pressing play on the player over there>>>>>>>>>>>

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