David Zarkin — one more relative with journalist/TV credentials — just started a cool new blog right up the media alley of my dedicated fan & family base:

If you are into old cheezy movies, this is your opportunity to be on the ground floor of sub-referenced discussions of substandard movies filmed on less than a shoe string — most of them pre-Velcro. Perhaps David will promote a John Agar film festival someday — hell, SOMEBODY should! Check it out.

My landlord was going to drop kick me out today because my dog was barking outside on the dog run. Dogs do that, as their verbal skills are tragically limited. Had it been a human yelling obscenities, it wouldn’t be an issue. But if a dog barks more than three times in twenty minutes, it’s a BIG DEAL.  The landlord relented however, giving me time to check out an affordable shared unit about ten blocks away from where I am now in Santa Monica, and closer to the main part of town. Right on bus line, too. I’ve become adept at mass transit. I’m so proud of myself!  You meet interesting people on the bus — they carry on elaborate conversations with people who aren’t there, and they don’t even need cell phones to do it.

2 Responses to “CHECK OUT THIS NEW BLOG”

  1. DAave Zarkin

    Thanks for the blog plug for Of course, John Agar would be high on anyone’s cheezy movie list, along with Dave O’Brian, Beverly Garland and Wild Bill Elliot. But then I am revealing too much here. So many movies, too little time.

  2. Mike Barer

    I remember many year ago getting along pretty well on RTD and the Santa Monica busline. It was when we were down for Danny’s UCLA graduation.


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