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I stole this pic from Lee’s website. This is the actress who reminds me of that other actresss — you know, the one who got busted for shoplifting and was in ALIEN RESURRECTION. This is the one who was in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. She is famous for her left nipple. Honest.

Dick_minnie Is nothing sacred???? This is Minnie Mouse, portrayed as a transexual rodent. Hell, she should take the gloves off and whup some ass with her three fingered hand.Burls_pics_from_jf_computer_109

This woman sells her used underthings on-line.  She is not alone….Burls_pics_from_jf_computer_114 this woman also sells her undies on line. There is obviously a demand for used underclothes. SOOOOOOOOO…..

I will gladly sell my underwear AND SOCKS — all used, some with doggie teeth marks…to the highest bidder. No that doesn’t mean the bidder who has consumed the most mind altering chemicals..although that may influence the bidding.Burl_1968

Yes, i don’t look like this anymore. It is a picture from about 1969. You can tell by the hair.

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