gangsterland (1)People I know and love are winning awards — Tod Goldberg, my brilliant nephew (not to be confused with Lee Goldberg, my brilliant nephew) just won a prestigious award- the 2016 Silver Pen Award presented by the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame.  

The award recognizes writers who are mid-career and have shown substantial achievement. Honorees are also selected based upon their body of work, critical recognition and “a strong connection to Nevada through the themes of their writing or residence in the state.

Now, Mian Moshan Zia, my pal in Pakistan, who hard sells his books as if they are 50 million dollar motion pictures on a holiday weekend, just snagged the 2016 Intewrinklesrnational Readers Award.  Notice how the promo shot for the book looks like a movie poster? Yep, that’s his style

You can order WRINKLES and his other admittedly unusual but always fascinating books, all with deep messages stirred up in the jam. This guy is a marketing whiz — and he is the first contemporary author to make his print books come with unexpected bonus features — you know like on a DVD where you get bonus features? Well, sometimes his books have bonus features!  Trust me, he’s a most engaging personality and his books are going over very well world wide.  I hope he remembers me when he is super-famous!



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