Pat O’Day, a dear friend of mine, is one of America’s most famous radio personalities and respected program directors. It has been my great pleasure to work with Pat many times in various capacities since 1965, when he first hired me at KJR, Seattle.  Pat, if i recall correctly, was named Radio Program Director of the Year at least five times. His book (buy it) is linked on his site,

Pat’s book.

  He recently wrote an on-target and succinct description of a radio consultant’s job in 2006. It is sooooo perfect, I must quote it here.

  He (the consultant) will understand from the gitgo that he’s not to
disturb the "Morning Team" and make sure the rest of
the staff says nothing on the air.  He will be
required the closely follow the latest music
testing, (Although it may have been tested in
Phoenix) and be reminded that it’s company policy to
always have the "Air Personalities" only give the
time digitally!  Other than that, he’s free to use
his creativity just so long as he always plays ten
in a row,  and no interruption between the six
commercials to be played back to back.  He will be
urged to plan things that relate to the community!
Stunning lines like, "Hey, it’s sunny today and we
have great music!"  or  "It’s raining but we have
music to make you feel good!"  or how about, "Hi!
I’m__________ __________for a Tuesday!"  Stuff like
that tests really good!


  1. Mike Barer

    Speaking of radio, I remember in 1969 you ran for mayor of Seattle in a gag campaign or something. I asked Lan about that a while back and he did not remember anything like that. I was wondering if you could take me back to that inocent time of our lives and fill in the blanks.

  2. Burl Barer

    Yeah, there was a brief Burl Barer for Mayor joke campaign, but I never really made much of it. I was never really into politics. I was more thrilled when a hamburger was named after me..The Burl Barer Burger…it had nuts on top!
    Dont recall where this was..but I know it was in Bellevue, WA.


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