Corey Mitchell praises FATAL BEAUTY. Say thanks by buying his books!

Let's all thank Corey Mitchell for his glowing review of Fatal Beauty by buying NEW copies of his books!

Fatal beauty cover "Impeccable research, journalistic integrity, and a powerful narrative drive — Burl Barer's Fatal Beauty is my kind of true crime book!"  
—- Corey Mitchell, Los Angeles Times best selling author of SAVAGE SON.










Good reviews from true crime luminaries such as Corey Mitchell, Chuck Hustmyre, Kevin Sullivan, Caitlin Rother, Ron Franscell, Gary C. King, and other professionals mean the world to me.  I strongly urge you to support these true crime authors by buying their books new from your favorite book seller. 

Authors only get paid when you buy their books new.

If you buy a used book, the author doesn't make a single penny. Please say "thank you" to your authors by buying books NEW, not used.  

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  1. David Zarkin

    This was posted on my blog several years ago and I just found it last week. YOu were probably too young to remember Kenny but read on:
    I don’t know if I lived in Spirit Lake at the same time as you, but some of the things that you talk about, I lived in the Aptm’s by Tchetters drug store when I went to high school. I moved there in 1945 and lived there until about 1952. I remember the boat races at the lake. They were a lot of fun then. We always went to Sedelmeyers to watch them and to swim. I was wondering if you have any pictures of the old wooden bridge that we had to cross to get to Sedelmeyers. We used to fish and swim off of it all the time. By the way, I belive that the person that you were talking about as being disabled, his name was Kenny Blood. He was quite a person but he was harmless. He drank a lot of pepsi and it made him to have a very large stomache. He had a deformed left hand but he could really through a mean snowball with his right hand. He died after I left Spirit Lake. I really had some great times in Spirit Lake and I try to remember them all. I could go on forever as I believe that some of the best times that I had as a kid was there. If you would like to write about times back then, I would love to exchange stories. I was 17 when I graduated from Spirit Lake and am now 74. We still go over there from Olympia Washington every summer. We still have some property in Spirit Lake but are fimally trying to sell it I would love to hear from you. James Ronald Taylor.


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