Corey Mitchell — true crime author in the hot seat

The drama never ends — and our first guest this Saturday is best selling True Crime author  COREY MITCHELL.




                Corey Mitchell






Okay, Corey  looks like a movie star, writes like a genius, and has the same publisher as the Legendary Burl Barer — he obviously leads a charmed life, unlike the victims in his forthcoming book, PURE MURDER 




                Pure murder






We’re talking horrid cruel awful ugly sick stuff here, friends — when
Corey writes about killers, he doesn’t pick polite courteous murderers
with a flair for fine food and exemplary table manners. These guys are
evil, and you will hear all the details this Saturday, 2pm! LISTEN LIVE!!! <<< just click that at 2pm Saturday Pacific Time






                Dawn Mellen "After the Finish Line"






that lovely filly? Uh….well, the woman is also rather
attractive…and she is doing fantastic things for race horses whose
careers’ are over…AFTER THE FINISH LINE gives racehorses a new life
instead of the danger of a cruel death.
Judi Faye, our special
features editor, lures Dawn Mellen to the studio with the promises of
several lumps of sugar. Actually, Steven Long brought Dawn to our
attention as a follow up guest to the compelling feature on the Anti
Horse Slaughter Bill. 

So, this Saturday we have
two fabulous guests — both "A LIST" experts on important topics!  If
you have questions for our guests, email them to:


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