I recently saw a personals dating ad posted by a Jewish girl. She listed as one of her passions, COUNTRY LINE DANCING! 536241652

Shocked, I did extensive research on the  Jews doing Country Line Dancing: There is a little known Midrash stating that when Moses came down from the mountain, he wasn’t outraged by the rampant sexual misconduct, nor the cavorting before the Golden Calf — he was infuriated by the most horrific sight of all — the Children of Isreal country line dancing!! 400116225 

One shudders at the Pesach implications and the possible Sedar corruptions! "Lo this is the dance of affliction performed by our forfathers when they came forth out of Egypt." At this point, we hold up the Macarena? I don’t think so. I suggested this girl have immediate DNA testing. 153836811


  1. Mike Barer

    After wandering the desert for centuries we should be allowed the simple pleasures in life, pick up, truck, shotguns, copenhagan and line dancing.


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