Dan Seals Has Left the Building/ Police Corruption? Duh.



My long time friend,Dan Seals passed away March 25, 2009 following a valiant struggle with mantle cell lymphoma. He leaves behind thousands of fans, countless friends and a loving family.  He enjoyed a musical career which spanned four decades and included hit records both as a member of pop duo England Dan and John Ford Coley, and as a solo country artist.  In 1986 he won Country Music Association Awards for “Bop” and "Meet Me in Montana."  He will forever be remembered for his gentle smile, easy going demeanor, his enduring faith and endless generosity. 


The Rampart scandal shocked America, revealing police corruption that staggered the immagination. The film Training Day was inspired by the crooked cop at the center of the scandal.  THIS SATURDAY, 2PM PACIFIC TIME, DON WOLDMAN AND I WILL SPEND AN HOUR DELVING INTO THE SHOCKING TRUTH BEHIND THIS STORY.  CLICK THIS LINK NOW TO READ MORE DETAILS, AND THE LISTEN  LIVE INSTRUCTIONS! 


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  1. Mike Barer

    “Tell me, are we alive, or just a dying planet?”
    Love is the answer was not just a love song but a call for world unity.


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