Dan Zupanski has words of praise for FATAL BEAUTY

Fatal beauty cover "Edgar award-winning author Burl Barer succeeds once again in engaging the most discerning true crime readers, captivating and compelling them with a writing style and journalistic force that has no equal. Fatal Beauty is a soon-to-be true crime classic." — Dan Zupanski, author of TROPHY KILL: The Shall We Dance Murders. 


Someone else had some insights into Fatal Beauty, and posted them on Barnes and Noble's page.

If you are not familiar with the best-selling true crime books of Edgar Award winner Burl Barer, you may need a heads up before jumping into Fatal Beauty. If you think the author is tossing in filler material from time to time, and you wonder why he is telling you about various topics or cases that seem unrelated, please realize that every single word in a book by this author is there on purpose because it DOES relate to the story. Barer often uses historical or legal information in his books much as a mystery author will use clues.. The "mystery" that you solve in Barer's true crime books is far more cerebral and thought provoking than the identity of the killer — we know that from the get -go. Barer's books are never simple blood fests of no substance — they are usually deeply researched character studies merged with police procedural and legal thriller qualities. Fatal Beauty is excellent true crime — excellent investigation, excellent story-telling, and exceptionally thought provoking.

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    I am usually investigated character studies joined with police step by step and legal thriller features. Lethal Beauty is fantastic true criminal offense, research, story telling and extremely thought invoking.


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