Susan Sarandon’s jewelery found at Trophy Kill murders scene!



What was Sarandon's necklace doing at the scene of a shocking murder?  Good question — strange answer.

Dan Zupanski is an accomplished journalist, radio host, and author who found himself in the middle of a high-profile murder trial. The killer's motive was simply to be famous as the star of Zupanski's true crime book. The killer even provided the title, made suggestions on the photo section, and came up with all manner of promotional ideas including t-shirts and slogans.  

Sounds strange? Hey, you start off with an innocent man being stabbed 68 times, being decapitated and disemboweled. Can it get more weird? Yes. Susan Sarandon's jewelry is found at the crime scene.  From there, it goes off into a dimension of exploitation unheard of in the annals of true crime. 

The killer,Sidney Teerhuis claims he blacked out and can't remember the crime, and that he didn't have the "state of mind" needed to have the intent to kill.

But Teerhuis wasn't claiming memory loss when he wrote the letters to the U.S. book publisher and a Canadian journalist who was interested in writing a screenplay about the crime.More than a dozen letters have been seized by police and tendered as exhibits in the trial. In the letters, Teerhuis claims to have performed multiple sex acts on his victim, both before and after the man was dead. He then made light of how the victim was dismembered.

"I guess you could say I'm a cut above the rest. Sometimes I can be a real pain in the gut. But I wouldn't fall to pieces over it. Just reading this, you must think I lost my head or something," Teerhuis wrote in one letter to local writer Dan Zupansky.

He invites the man to come and visit him in jail for further talks."Here is a visitor application for you to fill out. I'm sure it won't cost you an arm or a leg (haha)," he writes. 

Was Zupanski playing the killer like a hooked fish, or was it the other way around?

In letters to Zupansky, Teerhuis-Moar claimed he had sex with Greene's corpse, tossed his organs in a garbage dumpster and in a prior unrelated incident, plotted to have himself killed and eaten by another man. He later retracted the claims.

Zupansky testified he believed Teerhuis-Moar "may have exaggerated … (but) I didn't think any of it was fundamentally fictional."

All this insanity is documented in Zupanski's book, TROPHY KILL.  Dan will join Don Woldman and me LIVE this Saturday on TRUE CRIMES at a special time, 1pm Pacific. To listen live, go to

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