I recently reposted
some history of KOL Radio in  Seattle, including my first meeting with Danny Holiday – an encounter that so pissed me off that I vowed that someday I would sit in his chair and play the hits!! Well, I did.  Even better, Danny and I became friends despite him wearing clothes such as the outfit you see here in this snapshot of Danny with Groucho Marx. (click on photo to enlarge image)

Dannyholiday060208001013 Danny is the one without the glasses. Visit Danny Holiday on the web.

I never met Groucho, but I am only one degree away from him – Danny met him, Alice Cooper met him, and Hollywood Private Eye Fred Wolfson probably saved Groucho’s life back when Erin Flemming, his "secretary," was shooting Groucho up on Nembutal and then saying the old guy had a stroke .

Fred tells the entire story in his amazing book (not yet published), SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD PRIVATE EYE. I don’t know who’s gonna publish it, but  the stories are incredible and should be a TV series.

Fans of OUTLAW RADIO USA, an insane live talk show hosted by Matt Alan on which I am a regular participant, will have to do without me this coming Saturday as I am flying off to Texas to comfort my daughter who is having her head surgically removed and grafted onto the body of a German Shepherd — I know it is not a common medical procedure, but let us not stand in the way of science!

Let us pray: Dear God, if it please you in your infinite wisdom, hasten the conclusion of the Writers’ strike. Amen.


  1. Troy Johnson

    I remember Wolfson from TV. He was a regular on a lot of shows I remember him also from KFI. I haven’t heard about him in some time, what happened to him? He just dropped off the face of the earth. I haven’t seen him or heard about him since the late 90s. He not only saved Groucho he did a lot of good with his TV show. He saved me from a major fraud, and put a real bad guy in jail.
    He is a good dude and I hope he is well.

  2. DogsDontPurr

    I will pray for the writer’s strike to end soon….hopefully before the Oscars! And I will also pray that having your daughter turn into a German Shepard works out well for her. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for both of you. Be well.

  3. burl barer

    Not so fast, Mike — the Guild has to ratify the contract. The projected RATIFICATION DAY is March 17th. This date is important to me as it is on this date that I will (supposedly) be paid for work done under contract.


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