DEADLY SINS: MOM SAID KILL Saturday March 2nd 6pm & 9pm PT on I.D.

Deadly-sins-294 DEADLY SINS is one of Investigation Discovery's most popular true crime programs. Hosted by my friend Darren Kavinoky, DEADLY SINS brings you shocking stories of lives ruined by selfish, desrtructive behavior.

Saturday, March 2nd, DEADLY SINS turns its attention to the strange case of Barbara Opel who promised her 14 year old daughter a brand new dirt bike if she and her friends would murder Opel's employer.  The murder was cruel, brutal and sensless, and the kid never got the dirt bike.  I documented this case in my best-seller, MOM SAID KILL, available for instant download in all ebook
Yes, I appear in this episode offering my commentary on the case. The crew from DEADLY SINS was a joy to work with, and while I have not yet seen the episode, I'm sure they did an excellent job bringing this tragic story to life.

So, set your DVR or make plans to watch DEADLY SINS this Saturday, March 2nd 6pm and 9pm Pacific Time, for their take on MOM SAID KILL.

Of course, I would be thrilled and delighted if you would download the book to your computer, Kindle, Nook or other ebook reader.

Watch the show, and let me know what you think!



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