DEADLY SINS “Mommy’s Little Killers” — Get the full untold story!

MOM SAID KILLDEADLY SINS on Investigation Discovery did a great job adapting and dramatizing the story of Barbara Opel and her killer kids featured in my book MOM SAID KILL.   

DEADLY WOMEN also did a version of this story as well. You can see the promo for it right now if you want by click THIS.

The major difference between the two shows was (1) I was younger when we taped Deadly Women, and I had a red tie. (2) The actress who played Barbara in Deadly Women looked more like the real life Barbara.  The Deadly Sins Barbara is a hottie! Both are good actresses, and it was a pleasure working with these true professionals for programs that both air on Investigation Discovery. 

The great thing about ID is that I get to see people I know…no, not the killers…I mean the true crime authors!  Caitlin Rother, a true crime hottie, was on just before me, and M. William Phelps has his own show!  Caitlin has been on my radio show tons of times, and Phelps was on a special Valentines Day show about lovers who kill each other — sadly, that show didn't get recorded! I've been chasing Matt ever since to get him to come back.  

BEHIND MANSION WALLS just interviewed me for an episode about Rhonda Glover, the good looking
Fatal beauty cover trigger pulling woman who killed Jimmy Joste because he was working with Satan and having sex with George W. Bush in a cave under the house…as this was in Texas, she was perfectly competent to stand trial.
I'm still looking for the "perfect" case for my next true crime book…rich people having hot sex on cool drugs and then killing each other with a wood chipper. Oh, and they gotta be good looking.

Any suggestions?




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