I have returned from a whirlwind trip to the great Pacific Northwest where I filmed two episodes of true crime television for programs aired by Investigation Discovery here in the USA.   First I worked with the crew of DEADLY SINS, hosted by my pal Darren Kavenoky, and then Travis Webb and I drove down to Gig Harbor to meet the crew from MOTIVES AND MURDERS: CRACKING THE CASE.  What a bunch of pros! These folks do great work, and it is an honor to be part of their productions.

My buddy, Marty Sherer, brother of Magic Matt Alan on Outlaw Radio, told me Saturday that he was sick
MOM SAID KILL of seeing my face on television! That means that the shows I've been on are running those episodes — SNAPPED, SCORNED, DEADLY WOMEN etc.  Two of the shows are about the case in my book MOM SAID KILL, and two are based on the case of Rhonda Glover featured in my book FATAL BEAUTY.  

Fatal beauty cover

In August, BEHIND MANSION WALLS revisits the case of Rhonda Glover in a brand n

ew episode, and they came all the way to my Stevenson Ranch residence to interview me.
Bobbleburl They even took pictures of my Edgar Award AND my bobble head!

While my TV appearances are becoming more frequent, and ERRORFM/LIVE is running True Crime Uncensored's Greatest Hits every Monday-Friday at 2pm PT, nothing can compare to the high profile success of my beloved nephew Lee Goldberg and his recent collaboration with Janet Evonovich for the new novel THE HEIST. It is already a New York Times Best Seller! I couldn't be more thrilled.

Remember to listen to True Crime Uncensored LIVE every Saturday 2pm PT on Outlaw Radio, and also be so kind as to buy all my books!!


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