DEADLY WOMEN & Return of The Saint

Deadly Women - S03E013 - Blood Lines
 Deadly Women did a an adaptation of my book MOM SAID KILL and invited me to participate and provide running commentary. They treated me wonderfully, and I had a great time. They actually did a very thorough job in their own coverage of the case, and also interviewed the prosecutor from Snohomish County, and fellow journalist Jim Anderson.  The woman who played Barbara Opel was scary as hell, and while the dramatization condensed characters and situations, it did get to the heart of the matter and was, in essence, an accurate portrayal of the horrific crime that took the life of a kind and gentle man.  You can download the show — Season 3, Episode 13 — from for $1.99.  Of course, I really hope you get the book, MOM SAID KILL.   

As for my next true crime book, FATAL BEAUTY, it comes out January 2011.  I also filmed an episode of SNAPPED related to this case, but I don't yet have an air date. I'll keep you posted.

A new Simon Templar adventure, RETURN OF THE SAINT, is in the works, and my previous SAINT novel, Capture the Saint, is now available in a Kindle edition.  Yes, Bill Macdonald is still doing his best to bring the world a new SAINT TV show, and he's got a few angels on his shoulder — Roger Moore, Ian Dickerson, and some fellow named Burl Barer. I'm sure it will all work out.  Watch for the Sign of the Saint…  SAINT COMIC

4 Responses to “DEADLY WOMEN & Return of The Saint”

  1. Burl Barer

    I dont have it. Why is she tied up, who tore her dress, and why doesn’t that glass cut the Saint or his bowtie?

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    But i wonder–simply because i wasn’t around for her life and have never studied her impact on american culture in a larger sense–if this is how marilyn herself was viewed by her peers back in the day… and if it was only the surgical hand of dr. time, m.d., that glossed over her life and put her in the context we find her in today.


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