DEATH THREATS: Don’t Shoot The Author!

I haven't had a death threat lately, but there are deranged folks out there who will kill or cripple talk show hosts and/or journalist/authors because they don't like what they said or what they wrote.

David Berg in Denver was gunned down by right wing extremists because he was a Jewish liberal who spoke up against racists and antisemites.   Yeah, it can be dangerous to host a talk show. It can be equally dangerous these days to be a guest.

In the three and a half years that we've had "True Crime Uncensored" on Matt Alan's Outlaw Radio, i've had no threats on my life, and neither has the show's co-founder and most frequent co-host, Don Woldman, but four of the guests on my weekly Internet radio show, True Crime Uncensored, have been directly threatened with deadly reprisals if they come on my show.  One of them had two attempts on his life prior to showing up on the show, and the rest have authorities checking into the source of these threats.

George Anastasia, brilliant journalist and crime writer, had a mob hit taken out on him at one time, but they changed their mind and he's still alive. He also hosts a true crime show In Philadelphia, and no one has shot him yet.

Come to think of it, the only direct threat to my life health and wellbeing while investigating a true crime case came from a corrupt cop who thought I might expose him. I never knew he was corrupt until he tipped his hand.  Sometimes the cops and the crooks are interchangeable.

George Anastasia tells the following story:

I once interviewed a woman who had divorced her mob hitman husband, testified against him in a racketeering trial and then married an FBI agent assigned to guard her while she was living in hiding.   One of the things I asked was what was the difference between the cops and the wiseguys?  Without missing a beat, she replied, “The cops have badges.”

Susan filan My guest this week, MSNBC legal analyst Susan Filan hasn't had any threats that I know of,
but the week is young.

<<<<<< legal lovely Susan Filan

The following week is Tony Destefano, mafia expert from New York, and after that is Wendy Mazaros, former "gun moll" of a Vegas hit man. Yes, someone has "warned" Wendy to not come on my show.  Too late. She's been on before, and is coming back to thumb her nose at those who would attempt to intimidate her.

 Wendy's book:Vegas cover

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  1. Travis WebbwerX

    Burl, this is my threat. You had better have dinner with me next time I am in LA, (probably sept) or I will do something creative to your life. Use your imagination as it’s probably got better ideas then please send instructions as well as links that might be helpful in carrying out the deed you imagine me doing to you if you miss dinner.
    You have been warned!


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