DEWEY MARTIN of Buffalo Springfield has Died. Another friend gone!


I knew Dewey longer than most folks have been alive. We met in the 1960's and were together in Van Nuys only a few months ago — he gave me a ride from O utlaw Radio as we lived only a few blocks from each other.  Still stunned to hear of his death, I don't have mu ch to say right now, except that I'm shocked by this news.  There will be a tribute to Dewey on Outlaw Radio immediately following my TRUE CRIMES show. Listen, please — Dewey deserves it.   TRUE CRIMES starts at 2pm PST, followed at 3pm pst by the special tribute edition of OUTLAW RADIO. You can listen live from the TRUE CRIMES site, or from the listen live link at OUTLAW RADIO's site. 

May Dewey Martin find peace and happiness.

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