Diane Fanning and Sewer Rats: A Powerful Alliance!

When I linked Diane Fanning with Sewer Rats back in November, 2009 I had no idea that this particular blog post would bring me more hits per day than any other topic. World wide searches bring folks to my door looking for pictures of sewer rats!  Yes, they come for the sewer rats, and stay for Diane Fanning...or something like that.  Obviously, I have missed the marketing lesson  in all this. The secret of increased Internet traffic is "SEWER RATS!"   From now on, my blog is "(topic) and Sewer Rats!"     

Here is the page from November 2009 — #1 every day on this site.  The only thing I've done is give a slight increase in font size, and made sure the links worked.  Enjoy….with cheese.


You dont often see Diane Fanning and Sewer Rats mentioned in the same sentence.Diane_fanning Diane is an Edgar Award nominated author, most famous for her true crime mass market paperbacks.  Diane is our guest Saturday November 29th 2pm Pacific time on TRUE CRIMES. 

Sewer rats are nasty creatures who chew threw metal as if it were a Fig Newton! EEEEEK — SEWER RATS!!!!!  They are NOT your pals!

Sewer rats   They could tell you tragic stories of plauges and disease and destruction, but rats are notoriously poor typists. Even if they were to dictate their memoirs, the Rodent Confessions genre is notoriously niche.  Fanning's personal memories, however, are shocking.  I didn't know until today that when Diane was a kid, a human "sewer rat" responsible for child murder, attempted abducting her. Happily she got away and was able to help bring the "rat" to justice.  This explains her ongoing interest in True Crime.  Diane's latest is THE PASTOR'S WIFE. Pastors wife

  This is the tale of a mousy wife who shoots her pastor hubby, then takes the kids to the beach — perhaps to cheer them up. The conservative congregation hadn't been so shocked since they found out that Jesus wasn't really born in December. The pastor's internal landscape, and his familial relationships, were less than pastoral.

Listen to True Crimes every Saturday 2pm Pacific, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern, 10pm UK time.


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