Diary of Ann Frank — The Fun Family Musical.

Just saw The Diary of Ann Frank.  I already knew the story, of course, and I cried anyway. Hey, what ever happened to happy endings?  Perhaps someone will re-do the play as a fun, inspiring musical merging the music of ANNIE with the story of Ann Frank…except with a more upbeat American style ending.

Just imagine the Franks and their room mates singing "It's a hard Nazi life for us." or "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, the invasion will start Tomorrow"  First of all, get them out of such cramped depressing quarters! How about a farm with cows? The Dairy of Lil' Annie Frank.

No? You mean we must deal with the reality of Hitler's insane regime of hate and persecution? The millions of deaths?  Damn! That was one of the big problems with Schindler's List…no one walked out whisteling the theme.



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