For those of you who are new here, you should know that a frequent commentator on my blog is a well known glandular artiste.  Yes, she paints with her breasts. I often wondered what women did with those things when they weren’t using them to feed chldren, or hold up halter tops.

Media:  mixed media, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
9 x 12 x 1 1/2
This is painting #7 in a series of 12 paintings entitled, "Breasts: The Mood Series." Each of these paintings was made by covering my breasts in various paints, then pressing my breasts against the canvas. In some cases the canvas was already wet with a base painting when I pressed my breasts onto it…..other times I would start with a virgin canvas that was dry, press my breasts onto that and then add more paint on or around my breast prints. I feel like each painting strikes a different mood or evokes a different feeling…even thought they are all of the same theme.

Right about now, you are asking yourself, "How may I, puny mortal that I am, actually own a piece of art d’niplette?" Simple: go to her website and follow the links to her art. No, there are no close-ups of her

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