The meaning of a domain name depends on how you scan it: There are classic mispronounced domain names. One is the site, with the unfortunate alternate enunciation of But, since its in the performing artist arena, maybe its not just a misnomer. Another is, for those looking for California marriage and family therapists. Unfortunately, the wrong clientele might stumble upon the site as And then there is, where you can buy custom pens.

I had the domain name but when it suddenly expired, it was snatched up by someone other than I.  They wanted $1500 to sell me my own name. For less than ten bucks I snagged


  1. girl_sedated

    On the subject of therapist vs. the rapist, I had a doctor a few years ago with a bronze sign in his office that said “please wait, therapist will be with you shortly” that due to glare always read as “please wait, the rapist will be with you shortly”. The therapist was awful and I stopped seeing him soon after I began but I always got the giggles in the office.

  2. Mike Barer

    I saw you on TV last Friday and was going to congratulate you on your first National TV apearance. I remember though that you were a guest on Good Morning America.
    It’s cool that you had a chance to plug your books.


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