One of the great joys of life is meeting new people, making friends, and introducing them to others.

I met Don Woldman when I joined the regular cast on Matt Alan's OUTLAW RADIO Live From the Lighten Up Lounge.  Today, Don is my co-host on TRUE CRIMES every Saturday 2pm PDT.  You should know more about Don — so here is some background info –


Don began in Illinois, where he earned a B.S. in accounting and
finance from the University of Illinois. He then graduated from Kent
College of Law with a LL.B and was licensed to practice law in Illinois
in 1964. In 1967 he became licensed to practice law in California, and
began working in family law. Over the years, he has appeared in most of
the state's trial courts, as well as appearing before both the
California Appellate and Supreme Courts.

Don was
co-counsel in the notorious Lee Marvin "palimony" case, representing
Marvin's live-in girlfriend Michelle Triolla. Woldman thought that
long-term cohabitation should create legal rights, a legal concept that
had never existed in California. He authored the theory of the case,
and ultimately argued it before the California Supreme Court.

representation of many celebrity clients has helped Don create a name
for himself within the entertainment industry. His first client was
Hedy Lamar. More recently he represented Kurt Russell in a complex
child support and custody case.

Don is
also something of a media personality. As a guest lecturer all over the
country , he regularly appears on TV an radio discussing family law and
cohabitation issues and also wrote a monthly law column in the national
magazine Viewpoint. He has also been a regular  on Matt Alan's OUTLAW RADIO, and now co-hosts a true crime show with author Burl Barer.\

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