Lee Goldberg, who’s daughter is the same age as the University Village Barnes & Noble, asked if HIGH TENSION ranks right up there with DRACULA’S DOG when it comes to fine cinematic experiences.  First of all, as many movie pundits have previously discussed (ie Michael Medved’s "Dracula’s Dog and the Pawing Liberals’ Attempt to Elicit Affection by Rolling Over and Playing Dead" published in "You’ll Never be Semi-Rational at Lunch in this Town Again Quarterly" — a 25cent publication dedicated to absurdist nuevo-orthodox critics who got busted selling good reviews for bad movies and had to leave town and attack Hollywood — small subscription base, but dedicated) Dracula’s Dog was also released with the alternate title: ZOLTAN, THE HOUND OF DRACULA.  If both these films are featured on a double bill, you may notice similarities in cast, production, script, and all aspects except title sequence.

Lee remembers Dracula’s Dog (and Dracula’s grand-dog — a red eyed puppy destined to be denied the sequel the world feared) because we saw that film at the drive-in movie the same night we saw Bruce Springsteen live. Well, in truth, we had 10th row center seats for The Boss for his concert at the Paramount Theater in Seattle but we left early so we wouldn’t miss a moment of Dracula’s Dog!  Good thinking on our part! You notice that Bruce is still hanging around doing concerts and putting out CDs, but have you seen any tours of Zoltan? Didn’t think so. We saw the Dog on the Dog’s only Zoltonic Tour performance.

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