Drew Peterson Media Circus! Diane Fanning Joins us Saturday!

200px-Drew_Peterson_mugshot TRUE CRIMES joins the Drew Peterson media circus when Burl Barer, live from Texas, and Don Woldman, live from the Lighten up Lounge, rehash all the known dirt, and exhume some new dirt, courtesy of the one woman who is up to her neck and word processor in the muck and mire of America's most talked about case — Diane Fanning! 

When it comes to sickos, bottom feeders and disgusting examples of twisted behavior, Diane Fanning has more than her fair share of exposure and insight. A best-selling author, Diane is the "go-to" person for up-to-the-minute information on this fascinating story! 

Is it just a coincidence, or what? While keeping up on this case of an accused wife killer, Diane is working on a new book about the 76 year old woman accused of bumping off at least one of her five dead husbands!

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