Drug Dealer’s Big Score: A World Famous Film Festival

His senior year in high school, Leonard Buschel decided to sell drugs and shared this idea with his mother. We doubt it went anything like this:

“I’ve decided upon my career path: I like smoking pot and I’m real good at math. Oh? Don’t you think I should? Yes,the risks are high, but so am I, and beside the hours are good.

“If you must sell drugs, be a dealer to be trusted, and watch your back — you don’t want to get busted!”

“Busted? Oh no, that wouldn’t be fun, chased by the cops, and a life on the run, and what about fatherhood if I have a son… or two?”

What would Moses do?

Moses was chased, not chaste, and neither was Buschel…he and his pals raised all kinds of hell.  Then, one day, not wanting to be arrested, Leonard ran off to where his urine was tested — Betty Ford was the name of a President’s wife, and she was so drugged up it caused national strife. (Her hubby, too, was a recalcitrant drinker but she took the heat so he wouldn’t look like a stinker)

Three days and one step later, Leonard had an epiphany for the better. “I don’t need all this drug-addled strife, in fact, I think I can really enjoy life. I will follow my passion — cinema is in fashion – so I say, no more puffing and gulping my way to a stupor! I’ll have a film festival, won’t that be super?”
Super indeed and like Topsey it grew — larger and larger, so what could he do, but take it worldwide where it became a hit too!

Now filmmakers line up by the door eager to be part of Leonard’s Big Score — Recovery in all of its forms, from halfway houses to Ivy League dorms.  Festival #9 was a thrill for the audience and the projectionist, proving Leonard Buschel a recovery exhibitionist.

This year’s festival was as good as ever, and #10 next year will be even better.

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