Narcotics detectives usually know the truth about America’s so-called War on Drugs, but having the integrity the speak out is another matter.  The savvy cops of LEAP understand all too well the havoc and heartbreak of the drug war, and are not afraid to tell the truth.

Prohibition Aids Terrorist Activities

According to the United Nations United Nations Office of Drugs &
Crime (UNODC), Afghanistan’s opium production will increase by nearly
50 percent this year to a record "6,100 tons of opium — a staggering 92 percent of total world supply and exceed[ing] global consumption by 30 percent."

"The drugs trade" has long been linked to the sponsorship of terrorist activities but LEAP knows that sponsorship is more properly linked to
to drug prohibition; No prohibition–no money for terrorists. LEAP
Advisory Board member, former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper

"Illegal drugs are expensive precisely because they
are illegal. The products themselves are worthless weeds–marijuana
from the cannabis plant, cocaine from the coca bush, and heroin from
opium poppies–but today, marijuana is worth as much as gold, heroin
more than uranium, with cocaine somewhere in between. It is
the U.S.
policy of prohibition that has spawned this ever-expanding
international industry of torture, murder, and corruption."

Law Enforcement
Against Prohibition
is an organization of current
and former members of law enforcement and criminal justice
communities who have come to oppose the "War on Drugs",
favoring a system of legalized regulation as a more ethical
and efficient measure for dealing with drug use, abuse and
addiction. When our speakers entered into a career of law
enforcement, they pledged to protect and serve. Realizing
that their participation in the "War on Drugs" undermined
the fulfillment of that pledge, the men and women of LEAP
joined forces to take action.

LEAP Office: (781) 393-6985

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