DSL – High Speed Woes

I have not had any sort of reliable Internet connection lately. I'm staying with a friend in N. Hollywood where ATT was SUPPOSED to have installed DSL last week. So far, all we have is a 'trouble ticket" because the damn thing doesn't work.  The apartment owner, fed up, called the cable company and also signed up for cable DSL. When that arrives, ATT receives a cancellation call.
Added to my Internet woes is a Dell Latitude D610 that is having a complete nervous breakdown. Of course, this all transpires when I have a (missed) deadline on my new True Crime book. <sigh> I can't keep my computer from locking up or crashing, and in order to get on line, I have to be lucky enough to piggy back on someone else's unsecured wireless at 3:30am. Yes, that's when I wrote this.
Soooo….before it all goes away again, please check out my guest this week on TRUE CRIMES by visiting http://outlawcrime.com

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