Not every 12 year old girl has her own domain name and video blog maintained consistently on the web.Mom_bd_dylan
This girl — Dylan — documents her life, aspirations, and conversations with her parents on this unique and wondrous site: this may be of intense sociological value.  I will be a regular visitor to Dylanverdi.com

My son, Jordan Barer, hosted me in Seattle…he even cooked me dinner!! And it was great!  That’s the reward of fatherhood — your kids grow up and cook you dinner.

Now, I am back in Van Nuys, California battling a cold in my nose  One  year ago today I sort of died — had a heart attack on the shuttle bus to the Seatac airport. I recall wanting to just go to sleep, but everytime I tried to do that, someone would yell "we’re losing him!"  Then some guy would slap my face and say "stay with me, pal!"   I guess I stayed with him, cuz I am still alive.

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