EMAIL FRAUD CHAIN LETTER — Write your own, I did!

In this day and age, absurd nonsense worthy of Saturday Night Live such as "death panels," and frauds such as the fake "Kenya birth certificate," are swallowed whole by  fearful citizens manipulated by immoral pundits and asshat politicians. Thankfully there are sources of fact and accuracy ever ready to reveal the "real truth" and point out the real danger facing our great nation which you and I both know is….


 – Hollywood Liberals Encourage Wetback Assault.

"Think of the Rio Grande as the Red Sea, Mexican slave labor as the Children of Israel, and you get the picture," said a famous researcher in a letter to an obscure Governor. "DNA studies show the largest number of genetic Jews in America are Mexicans living in TexasArizona and New Mexico. You bet those Hollywood Liberals — bagel biting bastards all — want more and more of their fellowZionists over running our fields, contaminating our produce, and infiltrating our fruit. Do you think the recent outbreak of deadly lettuce virus is an accident of nature?  While their Yiddish spouting co-conspirators diverted our attention with dirty movies and race music, the Ladino speaking Sephardi faction of this conspiracy was communicating with their south of the border minions, plotting this Jewish Mexican Invasion to steal all the low paying jobs, and secure positions of power as undocumented domestics in secretive sweat shops where, their evil plotting obscured by the constant drone of sewing machines and the cracking of whips, the clever Jews advance their plan of world domination."

The above assertions are absurd. This is satire. Feel free to send on to everyone and see how many idiots take it seriously.

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