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Emily Rice is the young woman who bled to death in the Denver city jail while her screams for help fell on deaf ears. Joining Don Woldman and Burl Barer LIVE this Saturday is Sue Garber, mother of Emly Rice. 

The suit against the city of Denver resulted in the largest settlement in the city's history, but of more significance are the 23 changes in protocol and procedures at the jail, including a requirement that the jail take the vital signs of anyone coming from the hospital. 

This story, while horribly shocking and upsetting, is of such importance that we urge you and your friends to make plans to listen to this broadcast LIVE this Saturday at 2pm Pacific Time.  

Rice, 24, died of internal injuries at the jail on Feb. 19, 2006, after she was injured in a car accident the day before.

Doctors at Denver Health treated Rice before she was booked into jail on suspicion of drunken driving.

An investigation by state regulators found that Denver Health failed to properly screen Rice for her injuries and didn't stabilize her before she was transferred, among other critical findings.

Once she was behind bars, Rice cried out in pain for hours and pleaded for help, but guards and nurses assumed she was drunk, according to the lawsuit.

A nurse told Rice to "sleep it off" and then to "stop being dramatic" when she collapsed, the lawsuit states. Her cries for help even led other inmates to scream and bang on the glass to get guards to check on Rice, it states.

By morning, Rice was dead.

An autopsy found that Rice had a 7-inch gash to her liver, a lacerated spleen and three broken ribs.

"It's impossible to get over the death of a child," he said. "Nothing will ever solve the hurt from a tragedy like that. But the family is gratified that they've left things better than the way they've found them and that people in the future will be protected."

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