Ethics? Who needs Ethics?

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                LICHTMAN CLOSE W-TIE



Criminals are not known
for having ethics….and politicians are often regarded as unethical.
What ARE ethics? Who has ’em? How do you ge them? Famed author and
ethics expert JIM LICHTMAN
joins your beloved hosts Burl Barer, Don Woldman, and Judi Faye for an
hour of ethics, absurdity and the unexpected — because not only do we
have the ethical Mr. Lichtman, we also have world famous comedian and
character actor Marvin Kaplan!!





                Marvin Kaplan






His only experience with
crime is that he once had his house robbed..but the way he’s been
treated on a few TV series is criminal…or at least unethical.

TRUE CRIME AND……once again proves that CRIME DOES NOT PAY — but the hours are good!

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