It looked like suicide, but it was murder.
A construction worker confessed to killing indie actress Adrienne Shelly, whose death was first thought to be suicide, cops said.
"I was having a bad day," Diego Pillco, 19, allegedly told cops. "I didn’t mean to kill her. But I did kill her."
He also supposedly dragged her body into her apartment, and tried to make it look as if she hanged herself from the shower rod.
Cops matched footprints from his sneakers — prints found on her toilet seat and in the apartment downstairs where he was working.
Creating "fake" crime scenes to fool investigators is so common, there are now classes in how to spot a fake crime scene. The expert on the subject is Brent Turvey.

Mr. Turvey has participated as a forensic scientist and /or criminal profiler in the investigative or trial phase for both law enforcement and attorney clients around the World. The greatest volume of his casework has focused on the examination and interpretation of physical and behavioral evidence relating to the following:
  • Sexual assault/ rape (including false reports)
  • Serial rape
  • Domestic homicide
  • Staged crime scenes
  • Robbery/burglary homicide
  • Sexual homicide
  • Serial homicide
Mr. Turvey has qualified in court as an expert in the areas of Criminal Profiling, Criminal Investigation, Crime Scene Analysis, Crime Reconstruction, Offender Signature Analysis, Offense Motivation, Staged Crime Scenes, and Victimology. Mr. Turvey continues to consult with private individuals, attorneys and law enforcement agencies in both criminal and civil matters. ….and he is FUNNY!

How do I know that? Because Brent and I have chatted on the telephone a couple of times, and he is one quick-witted character.   

Yes, Turvey "wrote the book" on Criminal Profiling, and he also wrote the book on rape investigation techniques.  Adding Brent Turvey’s books to your library is a wise investment — get them all, but not until you have completed your Burl Barer library, ok?

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