If you can’t trust the news, whom can you trust? Obviously you can’t trust the news anymore — it’s pre-fab falsehoods, propoganda, and manifpulative B.S.

If you have any doubts, check out this excellent expose of fake news photographs from "reputable" news sources.

Hell, I’m still irked about "Remember the Maine" — the so-called bombing of the Maine got us into the Spanish-American War. Turns out no one bombed the Maine.  Then we had the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into Vietnam War…turns out their was no such thing. It was fake.  What else has been lies?  Probably just about everything lately. 

From the NY Times:  "Washington has been roiled by revelations that a handful of columnists
wrote in support of administration policies without disclosing they had
accepted payments from the government. But the administration’s efforts
to generate positive news coverage have been considerably more
pervasive than previously known. At the same time, records and
interviews suggest widespread complicity or negligence by television
stations, given industry ethics standards that discourage the broadcast
of prepackaged news segments from any outside group without revealing
the source.

It has reached the point of complete absurdity.  American newscasts are eiter fictitious or fatuous — I actually saw a newscast whee the reporter was at the scene where NOTHING HAPPENED. Yes, she was there reporting that there was NOT an accident at this intersection. "Was anyone injured?" asked the anchor. "NO, thankfully, as there was no accident, no one was injured."
I’m not kidding.

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