When I was a kid, my family would often visit Seaside,Oregon. My brother Stan, a teenager, was obsessed with watching the rear ends of the girls dancing on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, and playing a game called FASCINATION on Seaside’s Boardwalk.  The game works like this: you toss your balls at holes, hoping to win. You don’t win, but you keep tossing anyway. It is much the same with the movie of the same name, FASCINATION. Supposedly taking place in Florida, this “erotic thriller” was shot entirely in Puerto Rico in 2002. All participants apparently recovered from the shooting, although their careers were wounded. Excuse me for saying, “erotic thriller.” It is not erotic and not thrilling. In fact, if you were having hot sex while the DVD played, you and your lover would find a sudden chill dampening your enthusiasm.  Ok – it’s not enough to say that this is a rotten film. It IS a rotten film but the acting is fine by everyone except the lead actor, Adam Garcia. Yes, THAT Adam Garcia, best known to American audiences as the voice of KANGAROO JACK. All he does is make faces, as if acting was simply the distortion of one’s features. Plus how can this guy be erotically obsessed with his step sister when he is gay enough to be the star pupil in QUEER EYE?

Honestly, I thought a major plot point was going to be that he was initially resisting his step sister’s advances because he was in a homosexual relationship with his lawyer. WRONG. Perhaps he was in a homosexual relationship with the director, because I don’t know how else he got this part.

Well, after doing intensive research on line, I see how he landed the role. He does have a career, but not exactly as a male sex symbol for females.  Garcia landed his first film role as an American minor ogled by Stephen Fry’s Oscar Wilde in the 1997 biopic "Wilde". Later that year, he created a stir stepping into John Travolta’s platform shoes as Tony Manero in the London staging of "Saturday Night Fever". While many felt the show had problems, there were almost unanimous raves for Garcia and his sexy, swaggering take on the role. Turning down the opportunity to recreate the role on Broadway (he did not want to sign a one-year contract), he reunited with Dein Perry for Perry’s feature directorial debut "Bootmen" (2000), playing Sean, a young steelworker who leaves his job to pursue tap dancing. Before audiences could see him display his considerable terpsichorean gifts, however, they could view his star-making turn in "Coyote Ugly". Capitalizing on the hype and buzz, Garcia signed to star opposite Drew Barrymore (as her grown son!) in the romantic comedy "Riding in Cars with Boys" (2001).

Garcia recently scored a plum role on stage in a musical remake of ON THE TOWN.

That’s him in the middle between two sailors


I am resisting an obvious joke.

6 Responses to “FASCINATION”

  1. dave zarkin

    “Fascination” sounds as bad as Timothy Busfield movie “Erasable Wife,” about ex-husband who hires a hitman to take out spendy ex-wife and then winds up reuniting with her. Probably a direct to video gem and one should be on notice that it’s a Busfield movie. Bad enough to make you groan. For more bad movies, go to http://www.cheezymovies.blogspot.com. For Spokane nostalgia buffs, check out Natatorium Park at http://www.spokaneoutdoors.com/nat.htm

  2. Mike Barer

    I love going to Seaside just because of all the childhood memories. The town was second home to your Auntie Esther. She could rap with all her Portland homies.

  3. Burl Barer

    Auntie Esther, as I recall, spent most of her time in Seaside playing a card game called PAN. I had never seen that game before, or since.


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