Fear as News revisited

The NBC Today Show recently claimed that the number of
“missing children” in America has risen 44 percent since 1982.

What is really scary is this: There is NO TRUTH to that statement.According to the United States Department of Justice, the
best source for such data,
 there has been no increase at all. In fact,
there are signs of a decline

Fear as news is a basic staple of American news, be it print or broadcast.  It is only rarely that a newspaper bravely prints a headline that tells it as it really is:

“Crime Wave Across Nation Called a Mirage; Despite Fears, Figures Indicate Rate Isn’t Rising,” 
Stories of criminal mayhem fill the evening news. Crime sets the agenda
for state and local politics from Florida to California. Polls regularly rank
crime alongside the economy and health care as the nation’s most pressing concerns. . . . The president promises federal action; the first lady declares the fight on crime to be her next big issue. It is as though the country were confronting a devastating new wave of theft and violence.
It isn’t. There is no new national crime wave.. .

2 Responses to “Fear as News revisited”

  1. k.d.

    Looks like the media have they’re own crime wave to worry about: The irresponsible “bomb scare” publicity stunt by Turner Broadcasting, and those moronic dj’s and radio executives in Denver who were trying to kill their listeners.

  2. David Zarkin

    From where I sit the First Lady should work on reducing the size of her big butt and leave the crime fighting to Speedy Gonzales. NBC further sullied its reputation by playing the psycho’s video which I never saw. Keep up the good work. I had fun with my report on WDGY, a Top 10 pioneer.


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