Fred Wolfson, Hollywood Private Eye, is alive and well. He recently was a special guest on OUTLAW RADIO USA, and features prominently in my forthcoming true crime book, MOM SAID KILL.  Part of the narrative premise of the book: Fred Wolfson sits down at the Denny’s Restaurant on Evergreen Way in Everett, Washington with Tony Stevens, former News Director of KRKO Radio, and famed Crime Writer Jeff Reynolds.  Together, the three men recall and comment on the horrific homicide of Jerry Heimann, murdered by a rag tag group of teens and pre-teens at the urging of 14-year old Heather Opel’s mother, Barbara Opel. The mom promised her daughter a new dirt bike if she and her friends would murder Heimann, who was her employer.  As always, Wolfson provides pithy commentary and valuable insights into various aspects of the case, as do Stevens and Reynolds.  Jeff Reynolds, of course, is the famed true crime writer protagonist in my 2001 novel, HEADLOCK. His name is an alias for someone you all know and love — no, not Brittany Spears. MOM SAID KILL will be published this year by Pinnacle True Crime.

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  1. DogsDontPurr

    I can’t wait to read it! Let me know the minute it is available. Then, of course, we’ll have to get together so you can autograph it for me!


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