Freedom to Hyperlink! Read this and be incredulous.

Hey, did you see the story in the newspaper about…..?  You didn’t? Oh, it is kind of interesting. I’ll send you the link.

When we say “link” we mean hyperlink.  You click on it, and it takes you to something.,  Example: Here is a link to Burl Barer’s brilliant website.

My friend Leonard Buschel shared a hyperlink to a news story about Sovereign Health having problems, and Sovereign is suing Leonard for $100,000! They are not suing the newspaper for the story, they are suing Leonard for bringing the story to my attention, and the attention of anyone who reads his weekly Addiction/Recovery e-bulletin,

He didn’t write it, he didn’t publish it, and even if he had, this is still America where we have freedom of the press and freedom of speech — that’s why in the USA, Fox News can just make up stuff and have our President re-tweet it .

But Leonard Buschell links to an undisputed news story in the Orange County Register, and he gets sued for $100,000.

That is not only absurd, it is dangerous.  Your freedom to share, your freedom to read, your freedom to hyperlink is under attack.

Let me tell you something — there is a story on a website that insists that I am part of the George W Bush/Saudi Royal Family/Nazi Conspiracy.   I had never heard of such a thing until I read the story.  It is both stupid and nonsense. Am I insulted by it? Yeah, but so what. I’m not a private person, I’m what is known as a “celebrity” and a “public person.” That means that I don’t have the same right to privacy and protection that you do…by being a “public person” I can expect attacks, insults lies and BS.  And if you link to that story about me being a Nazi co-conspirator, (As a Jew, I found that doubly insulting) I am not going to sue you for $100,000… why the hell does Sovereign Health think it can sue Leonard?

Sovereign Health should be ashamed of itself for what appears as nothing more than a petty harassment lawsuit, but it is really much more — it is an attack on freedom of the press even though they are not going after the newspaper. It is an attack on your right to read, your right to share and probably a hell of a lot more.

Leonard says: I am being sued for $100,000 by Sovereign Health of California. Deposition is Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 10am in Newport Beach. Are there any whistleblowers out there courageous enough to come forward to get this place shut down? To prevent any more clients from suffering and other innocent individuals from being abused? This has been going on for almost 3 years. The pressure can be overwhelming at times. Please consider advertising in the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin to keep free speech alive.


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