Gary C King’s RAGE : True Crime in the post-cooperative age.

RAGE, Gary C. King's latest true crime mass market paperback from Pinnacle True Crime, doesn't suffer from poor story telling or lackluster descriptives — in fact, the book only suffers from one thing: lack of cooperation and creative problem solving by those who, in terms of good will and positive publicity, have the most to gain by cooperating with a true crime author of Gary's stature and impeccable reputation. 

Despite missing a photo of the victim, or photos of the crime scene, those who buy books to read them,. and not simply look at pictures, will find RAGE an excellent example of Gary C. King's dedication and tenacity in researching and writing some of the best books in the genre.

Gary was our guest this past Saturday on the radio show I do with famed attorney Don Woldman. If you missed it, you can play it anytime you want on the player right over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  

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