"Batman Begins" is a big budget, big action, big fun re-telling of the Batman origin story — how Bruce Wayne becomes THE BATMAN!  The events in the film take place prior to the Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson face-off , and there is a delightful anticipatory reference to that film similar to the "Silence of the Lambs" set-up at the end of "Red Dragon."  The only problem I had with Batman Begins is that the actor who plays Bruce Wayne looks like George Bush!!! He does, honest. Look at the mouth. It’s creepy. Everytime Batman would get all Batmanian and intone his neurotic fear-based ramblings, I kept hearing George Bush saying "I’m a war president. I wake up everyday thinking about war."  Now we’re talking about something really batty!

Michael Caine, who plays Alfred the butler, once again steals every scene. Gene Hackman and he share the commonality of being better than most of the films in which they appear.  Have Caine and Hackman ever co-starred in a film together?  Caine, despite his age and perhaps being not that familiar to the younger movie goers, was the only character to get cheers and applause from the audience during the packed screening I attended last night. No cheers for the car, the batsuit, etc – but for Michael Caine.

The following picture has nothing to do with Batman, but it does have to do with George W. Bush, our current President of the United States. I have never met the fellow, and I stay aloof from partisan politics as it is divisive. I must admit, however, that I found this amusing:

Download BushTime.jpg

3 Responses to “GEORGE BUSH AS BATMAN”

  1. Anea

    Oh, I wait with baited breath for the day that edition hits the shelves!
    Christian Bale – The guy who plays batman does look a bit like GWB, this didn’t hurt when watching American Psycho in which he also stars 🙂

  2. David Zarkin

    With all due respect, Christian Hale does not look like Geo. Bush. He looks more like Tom Cruise. Hale is a great actor who was outstanding in “American Psycho” and “Velvet Goldmine.” Although he hasn’t been in big box office vehicles until now, he deserves acclaim (not the Plymouth version either). Speaking of Tom Cruise, what is your take on his wedding announcement at the Eiffel Tower? Was that not a bit over the top & was he not straining a bit to convince us of his total straitness? Inquiring minds … Cousin Dave

  3. Jay Brandes

    1: Not co-star, but Caine & Hackman bother were in “A bridge two far”
    2: Interesting that ou say that since there exists a Hackman/Caine Theory. In fact, Michael was asked about it an interview conducted by Josh Horowitz….
    JH: Are you aware of the Hackman/Caine theory that there’s always a Gene Hackman or Michael Caine movie on somewhere?
    MC: Yeah. He makes as many movies as I do!


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