George Hamilton agrees that I look like him — well, we look alike from the bridge of the nose on up.Georgehamilton
"Wear a cape like the one I wore in Love at First Bite," he suggested, "and people will think you are me."
I met George tonight at the Screen Actor’s Guild where he was interviewed brilliantly by Paul Ryan — although Paul looked pale and pasty compared to the toasted tan of George Hamilton.  Amazingly well preserved for his age (he claims 67), Hamilton has skin smooth as a baby’s bottom, a fabulous tan, and an energetic youthful demeanor.Hamilton_sp  90 minutes of non-stop wit and memories from a Hollywood legend made this evening a true treat.

What happens when you cross Darth Vader with Hello Kitty? Duh.
oVader/Darth KittyHellovader
Somehow the color combo isn’t quite conducive as fear inducing as all black. This guy wasn’t at the George Hamilton event, but I couldn’t resist showing you want he looked like.

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