All this time I thought faithful readers of my blog really wanted more information about writing, ghost writing, editing, literature, etc…..but NO…according to DogsDontPurr, you want to see scantily clad pictures of my g/f!  Well, you are NOT going to see those. If you want to see scantily clad maidens there are plenty of places you can go — such as where the lovely diminutive hostess of that wonderful site will only charge you FIVE DOLLARS for exciting photos of her "sans top" — now, I have not spent the FIVE DOLLARS (yet) as my memory of having seen a revealing pic of her about fifteen or so years ago has more megapixels than any current camera….but as I become increasingly senile, I may need a memory refresher…so, don’t destroy the negatives!
Meanwile, on the IMPORTANT  news front, I am going to ghostwrite a novel for someone who wishes they were a writer. Heck, the quickest way to become a writer is to hire one.  I will do a good job, and we will both be happy.  Now, for those of you dieing to see my g/f model the Suzanne Somers FAUX CASHMERE sweater…here ya go:


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