HEAD SHOT — New Cover and Updated Ending coming April 2012

Two of the three men convicted in the murders of Damon Wells and John Achord are out of prison, and back at home. The third ate feces filleed toilet paper while alone in his prison cell shortly after he arrived…and after he beat up a guard. Suicide of course.  

I have not heard from either of them about what they think of this book, but some of the family love it — others are pissed off about it. Hey, I didn't do the murders or any of the other weird stuff, I just wrote about it. 

It iscreepy and very disturbing — not only because of the criminal deeds and lives destroyed, but because of the behavior of the Pierce County Prosecutor, manipulation of a psychiatric evaluation, and other outrages that caused one judge to get up,  walk out of the courtroom and refuse to return.

Mark the date — HEAD SHOT returns April 2012 from Pinnacle True Crime. The late "Dean of true crime." Jack  Olsen said this book was "True crime at its best."

Never argue with Jack Olsen!

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