HEAD SHOT — New Updated Edition Coming April 2012

Head shot cover"I was born and raised in Tacoma, and knew both of the victims. John Achord and I attended Jr High together, or I should say, took the bus to school together from the Manitou area. He was a juvenile delinquent back in the day, always looking for something to steal, or a house to break into. I wouldn't break into houses with him, or anyone, but once stole a motorcycle with John, and parked it in my mom's garage. I was only thirteen and in seventh grade at this time, but I knew I didn't want to get shot by someone while being a thief. My mother, who worked for WA State DOC told me he had gotten into a horrible wreck years before his murder, while fleeing from police, and that he was like a little kid; sparkle in his eyes, amazed at things, innocent. This was not the young man I remember from 1974-75. I attended his funeral with my mother, and was surprised there were not more people there. Everyone in the Manitou area of Tacoma knew John. Damon and I shared the same first name, and for years I was hearing that I had been killed. I didn't know him well, but went to school with his brother Leonard. My only memory of him was, him, and three other guys about my age, piled into a pickup and had come to kick my ass one sunny day. My neighbor saw them and came outside with a shotgun and said it would be only one getting off the truck bed. Damon watched, as me and some guy I didn't know exchanged blows for about five minutes on my concrete yard. I'd like to read this book from front to back, and enjoyed what I did read for free online. I also noticed Officer Brame (SP)was mentioned. And, as we all know, he went on to become Chief of Police until the day he murdered his wife in a Gig Harbor parking lot, before turning the pistol on himself. Wow! Head Shot." – Damon Arial

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