HELLS ANGELS — Guys Just Wanna Have Guns

Runnningwiththedevil150Kerrie Droban is a defense attorney that the Hells Angels didn't hire. That's okay, most of the charges against them were dismissed anyway. Yes, once again we have our wise Federal Govt doing the "impossible" — infiltrating the Hells Angels, setting up their undercover agents for possible execution, and then just sort of bumbling off into the night. Maybe I'm harsh, but when you expose undercover agents to life threatening danger, you just don't give em an employee bonus and a pat on the head — not when they will be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.  This is one hell of a great book, fascinating from start to sadly predictable finish, written by lawyer/author and certified "Mystery Babe," (that's what we call members of Mystery Writers of America who are "hotties" — including Burl Barer!) 

Kerrie has agreed to join me on the air this Saturday 2pm PDT on Outlaw Radio's TRUE CRIME AND.. where Don Woldman and I will get the inside story on the ATF's infiltration of the Hells Angels.

Now, about my eyeball — the Dr says that my vision will return as long as I don't go to Bakersfield, fly in a plane, or get whacked in the head with a brick for the next couple weeks. Lovely.

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