High Tension

To keep my heart calm, Jordan and I went to HIGH TENSION — the gory French psycho film featuring a non-stop creep-out of straight razor murder, dismemberment, and mental perversity that is beyond the beyond.  It is so disgusting, Norman Bates wouldn’t take his mother to see it.  Of course, I loved it.  The movie has occasional subtitles, but mostly is dubbed in English for wide American appeal. Jordan was unimpressed. "The actors in that movie were lip-syncing," he complained. "And they didn’t do a very good job."  Now that I’ve seen it, I want to catch it on video to see the "clues" to the revelatory ending.  It was far better than Boogyman — the movie sooo stupid, the entire theatre audience yelled insults at the screen and the projectionist had to run for his life.

Yes, it’s true — there IS a movie entitled ROSCOE’S CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!  I have eaten at Roscoe’s, and the chicken/waffle combination is excellent.  I’m thinking of starting Burl’s Beef Steak & Pancake Restaurant, but I’m too busy right now writing STEALTH and polishing "Secrets of a Hollywood Private Detective."

5 Responses to “High Tension”

  1. Lee Goldberg

    But how does it compare to DRACULA’S DOG?
    What is “Secrets of a Hollywood Private Detective?”

  2. Anea

    I think your beefsteak and pancake idea might be a bit late…. Didn’t they already ahve “Perkin’s Cake and Steak”? Although, it did become a “Clarettes” about 10 years ago now. Glad you and Jordan had a good time.

  3. Anea

    I am suprised that you guys didn’t go see “Mr & Mrs Smith” that seems like it would be right up Jordan’s alley.

  4. Jan

    Reading you might start a restaurant reminds me of the days we went to the Coon Chicken Inn in Portland and never understood the racial slur the name implied, we only cared that the food was good.
    Brought to mind all the birthday parties I gave for kids at Sambo’s – again never thinking of how bigoted that name and place was.
    Glad you are doing well.Now that you have full run of a huge mansion, are you extending invites to all of us to come stay there with you??
    How was Mommie when you visited her other than her thinking she is 94?


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