Wwub0901 My sister is off at her High School Reunion. In case you never had one of those, it’s like a pop-up from Classmates.com that lasts for three days.  What’s special about Jan’s reunion is that it is the FIFTY YEAR version. Yes, 50 years since my sister was a cheerleader, waving her pom-poms and screaming "push em back push em back, waaaaaaaaaaaay back!"  My brother was "YELL KING" — that’s a male cheerleader. There is no truth to the rumor that Yell King was an honor bestowed upon him as consolation prize for not being allowed in National Honor Society because he was Jewish. No, it was consolation prize for not being ROTC Cadet of the Year because Eddie Epstein won the award the year before, and "we can’t have two of you people win twice in a row."  Just kidding, friends. Stan was Yell King based on his natural sense of rhythm and ability to do interesting things with a megaphone. I was only 8 when Stan was 16 and Janice 18, but they didn’t leave me out — I was official Wa-Hi Blue Devil MASCOT!!!  Yes, I had a cheerleading (yell prince?) outfit just like my big brother’s, and I did all the yells.  Somewhere there exists a great picture of me with my protruding front teeth, crew cut, and blue cords assuming the stance of proud member of the WA-HI Yell Squad.  If i find it, I’ll post it. I’m not ashamed of my childhood.  I did attend my own high school reunion — the ten year and twenty year versions.  At the ten year reunion, everyone wants to see who has loot, and who married whom. At the twenty year reunion, everyone is simply happy that you are still alive. At Jan’s 50 Year Reunion, the memorial list is longer than the one at the ten or twenty. Happily, once again, Jan is NOT on the memorial list. I’m sure she will return with fun stories and some cool pics. Check out her blog in the future (Curran Events) for full nostalgic details.  While Jan is living it up in Walla Walla, Isis the Dog and I are sweltering in Santa Monica. Could be worse — we could be in the valley.

3 Responses to “HOOOO-RAY FOR WA-HI”

  1. Mike Barer

    Larry Siegel was the Star Jewish athlete. If there was a Walla Walla Jewish sports hall of Fame, you would have to include Larry Siegel.
    Seriously, of every athletic event to occur in Walla Walla, Larry would be in the top ten of all time. I don’t know any sport that he did not excel in.

  2. Danny Barer

    I skipped my 10th Wa-Hi reunion and went to my 20th two years ago. I found that age had mellowed my classmates quite a bit. I also heard the disturbing information that at least one of them had become a grandparent.

  3. Mike Barer

    Disturbing is when you find out that one of them has become a serial killer. Becoming a Granparent early will happen frequently in a small town. Propably even earlier in the Appalachians.


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