Okay, I'm not living in a cardboard box…I'm living in the NOHO Hostel, and it is nothing like the movie!  The guy who runs the place is wonderful, it is safe,clean and the other guests are more than friendly. Sure, it is bunk beds in a converted garage, but the regular house part has a fine kitchen, great bathroom, 24/7 wi-fi and direct TV.  Many of the guests are Russian, so you can watch all the Russian TV upstairs you can handle, while downstairs we revel in the continual reruns of every flick ever made running on all the HBO, Showtime,and Encore channels.

Hey, at 20 bucks a day, I can't complain.  It is close to the bus, near some dandy restaurants, a CVS and numerous neighborhood convenience stores…the old fashioned kind.  I've lived in lovely four bedroom homes on 1/4 acre, country club condos, and (one night only) a slab of carboard in a Las Vegas alley the night before I took the bus to Los Angeles back in 2004.  I've been rich and famous, poor and famous, and I've learned that wherever you go, there you are. I am here for now, and every moment of my waking hours is spent on the laptop writing something for someone — yes, I have a new true crime book in the works. It is a cool case out of Austin, Texas, and I'll go there for interviews, etc the moment the doctor says I can travel after my recent eye operation. 

Los Angeles is indeed the City of Angels. Were it not for the kindness, trust and compassion of everyday people, I would up the proverbial creek….but I appreciate every gesture of kindness, and do what I can to pass that kindness on to others.  

The TRUE CRIME show with Don Woldman is a great pleasure, and last weeks show about Munchausen Syndrome was fascinating.  You can listen to it anytime you want…just go to the show's site:

There are some great pictures of us up on the Outlaw Radio Hostel2
site, and complete archives of both the TRUE CRIME show and Matt Alan's OUTLAW RADIO program on which Don and I are also regulars.

7 Responses to “HOSTEL — PART III”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    I don’t know how you do it, Burl. You are your own novel. I would love to read the whole story of your life. That would be one thick book, I’m sure.
    I hope things turn around for you soon. You need to be living on an estate in Beverly Hills!
    ((Big Hugs)) We must get together as soon as your book comes out. Because I must have it signed by my favorite famous person….You!

  2. burl

    Yes, my new book comes out in just a few weeks. Georgia Durante and I will probably do a Meet the Author dinner at the Enchanted Manor..or whatever the place is called…
    and my usual signing appearances..
    It is certainly an honor being your favorite famous person!!

  3. DogsDontPurr

    Please please please keep me up to date on the Meet the Author dinner. That would be very cool. I need to mark that in my calendar at your earliest possible convenience!

  4. Susan Balcuns

    Yes, I CAN avow that Burl Barer was alive and well this morning!!!! I personally saw him leave my abode this afternoon alive and kicking. He was kicking to stay~~~~~ Just for those of you who want to know how the King of Murder is doing~~~~~

  5. Susan Balcuns

    This man is amazing!!!!!!! Give him a Hostel and he’ll make it a home. Give him a home and he’ll make it his castle….Give him a hand and he’ll give you the shirt off his back….Always caring and always SOOOOO loving!!!
    I love you Burl!!!
    But you know that!!!

  6. burl barer

    Yes, I am magnificent, a living legend in my own mind, and the most astonishing combination of heroism and terrorism ever to put fingers to keyboard….and if you believe that, there is some wonderful swamp land in Florida just waiting for a woman’s touch.


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